Why Most Doctors Don’t Know About B6 Toxicity

Why Doctors don't know about B6 Toxicity

B6 toxicity causes Small Fiber Polyneuropathy. This is known from the research.  

Why don’t most doctors know about this? 

The reason is that the focus for many years has been on large fiber nerves. The small fiber nerves were the bastard stepchildren of the nervous system. The research that is being done on Small Fiber Polyneuropathy is a recent development thanks to many devoted researchers including Dr. Anne Oaklander and her team associated with Neuropathy Commons (https://neuropathycommons.org/). 

We all know that textbooks are at least thirty years behind the research. The research being done on Small Fiber Polyneuropathy will not reach the textbooks for another ten to twenty years. This is why our website is an important resource not only for you but also for your doctor. We are reading and evaluating the current research on both B6 toxicity and Small Fiber Polyneuropathy. We have an index of Western medicine sources that is a mile-long (stretching it a bit, but you get the picture). We have found the reasons for toxicity on small amounts of the vitamin based on the reviewed research. 

Now, we know that many doctors will not trust a website that was created with the information from a Facebook group. We understand that. But there are some who will take the information and share it. We already have doctors referring their clients to our website as a resource for healing. We love those doctors! 

We are thrilled that the bastard stepchildren of the nervous system are finally getting some well-deserved attention. It is attention these nerves should have been getting all along.

Understanding B6 Toxicity’s mission is to spread awareness of the dangers of vitamin B6 and to fund more research on B6 Toxicity. If you would like to be part of that effort, please consider making a Research & Education Contribution.

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