Pet Food

This is a list of dog foods that created heart issues for dogs.  Most pet foods have added pyridoxine (B6).  The ingredients in most of these foods are high B6 foods.  Is B6 creating all the issues with our pets, too? 

FDA announces dog food brands that could cause heart failure

Below is a story from a member of the Facebook group that was giving his dog a multivitamin. 

From our group member, Robert C.:

I never posted this on here but my dog got B6T too. I was giving her a doggy multi-vitamin and she broke out in horrible symptoms after a few yrs. The main symptoms were skin lesions, compulsive / nonstop itching, an extreme yeast infection, neurological issues that led to her trying to chew her tail off, insomnia, anxiety & likely more that she can’t tell me. She’s had to wear a cone over 1 yr straight to stop her from biting her tail off. I think it’s neuropathy in that region. Her skin has healed unbelievably well. Like her whole tummy, tail & underarms were blue at one point & full of oozing lesions… now it’s a healthy pink color. The problem is feeding her still. She does react to any type of dog food. And chicken or beef. So I try to feed her mostly white rice, tilapia, peas… and will measure out a tiny (tiny) serving of chicken for her body weight. The problem is she still prefers her dog food over fish. So every once & a while I throw her some canned food but she still reacts like crazy. I once found canned lamb that had no added pyridoxine on the label. I think pedigree made it. But I was unable to find more. So I stick to feeding her basically what I eat in smaller portions.

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