Resources for Healing

Many in the B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group have asked for a medical professional that could guide them through the healing journey. Unfortunately, the current health care system is not set up to heal Small Fiber Polyneuropathy caused by vitamin B6 toxicity. Doctors that recognize B6 toxicity only advise to remove the supplement and/or offer pain/anxiety medications. Doctors who realized that B6 toxicity is Small Fiber Polyneuropathy may suggest more tests to confirm Small Fiber Polyneuropathy. The only test that doctors use to confirm B6 toxicity is a vitamin B6 blood test.

The only test that doctors use to confirm B6 toxicity is a vitamin B6 blood test. Remember we define vitamin B6 toxicity as sensory, autonomic, and/or motor neuropathy with or without a high B6 value on a standardized western medicine blood test. We have research that B6 blood work goes back to normal within two to four weeks of removing the supplement and curing the dehydration. If your B6 blood test was normal, how would the doctor know how to diagnose you with SFPN caused by vitamin B6 toxicity?

The medical establishment doesn’t have the B6 toxicity foundation. Many just tell their patient to remove the supplement. How do you heal when our medical establishment doesn’t have the basic knowledge about B6 toxicity to help you heal? You do exactly what you did: Google for answers. We are very glad you found us.

This website and the Facebook group is the best resource to help you heal. We do have a growing list of doctors who will diagnose you. We also have a name of a lab for the skin biopsy test kit for SFPN. We have a one-page printout that you can give to doctors that summarizes our work or an information pack that you can hand out to spread awareness. Finally, we hope to have form letters that you can mail to government agencies discussing your experience with B6 toxicity.

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