We were sick.  We knew we were very sick.  It was not anxiety.  It was not stress.  We had sensory, autonomic and motor symptoms.  We had test after test after test with normal results.  Doctors could not find anything wrong with us.  Our family, our friends and even our significant others didn’t understand our internal hell.  “We” were the original members of the B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group.

I am Beth Smarzik.  I am the creator and the main admin for this Facebook group.  I am a REALTOR in South Texas.  I am not a doctor.  I am not part of the medical profession.  I am not a medical expert.  I don’t give medical advice.   I have not or will not go get fake credentials from an online course just to have initials behind my name.  My dedication and devotion to understanding B6 toxicity is the driving factor behind first the Facebook group and now this website.

The beginning members of the B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group had a basic principle of healing supplied by my journey.  Eventually, patterns emerged that created a stronger healing regime.  These patterns led us to the established research to find answers.  It was in the established western medicine research that we were able to understand not only how to heal ourselves, but also the underlying reasons we got toxic in the first place.

Vitamin B6 Toxicity is Small Fiber Polyneuropathy (SFPN).  Simply put, B6 toxicity creates a lot of nerve damage.  We have sensory nerve damage which is the pins, needles, pain, burning and stinging in your hands and feet.  We have autonomic nerve damage which means that all that is automatic in your body is no longer automatic.  This includes blood VOLUME issues which create headaches, lightheadedness, anxiety and brain fog.  We have temperature issues, sweating issues, irregular heartbeats, blood pressure issues, thirst, hunger, dry eyes, dry mouth, bladder issues, digestive issues including upper GI (nausea, vomiting after meals, reflux) and lower GI (constipation or diarrhea).  We have motor issues which means our muscles are not working correctly.  We have internal tremors and vibrations.  We feel weak.  We are losing muscles mass.

We, like you, were very scared.    

We sooooo understand.  We were there before you.  We crawled out of our holes of despair with simple lifestyle changes.  All of these lifestyle changes are important to healing.  We call these changes the B6T Protocol.  The B6T Protocol is on this website.  It is free.

This website is content dense.  It is the collective knowledge from our bottom-up research approach in the B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group.  It is important that you and your support system understand not just the B6T Protocol but the reasons we have toxicity on lower amounts of the vitamin.  Understanding this logic gives you insights into the healing process.  

The B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group has supportive members that will help you with your journey.  It should be used as an additional support system in conjunction with the information from this website to help you heal.  

One last thought before you maneuver away from this page. There have been decades of research devoted to proving vitamin B6 is a wonder vitamin that heals it all. Decades. The supposed effectiveness of B6 needs to be questioned. In this linked article, MedlinePlus gives only three situations in which B6 is effective. They add one more situation in which it is likely effective. This was decades of research that now shows that B6 is ineffective for the reasons it was being prescribed.

Unfortunately, B6 toxicity research did not get the same attention during this period. Interest in B6 toxicity only resurfaced once it was given its own medical diagnostic code (ICD-10-CM E67.2) in 2016. Our Historical View gives more information on B6 toxicity’s timeline.

Finally, take some time to read this article from The Atlantic, “The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements”. It explains how years of bad research came to dominate the mainstream concerning vitamins. Although this information is not about B6, we have seen the same bad research dominate the mainstream concerning vitamin B6.

Disclaimers:  The B6T Protocol is a self-guided journey that should be taken with the consent of your medical professional.  The website is for informational purposes.  It is not medical advice.  The B6T Protocol has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Consult with a physician prior to exercise or dietary changes.  Testimonials are personal results.  

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