Do you suffer from B6 toxicity and anxiety? Learn more from the experience of one of our group members below.

Noel B.

I’m 4 months off B6.

The “anxiety” brought about every time in my life that I have supplemented with B6 is very unique. It feels unnatural. Very chemical. Not organic. And it has started fairly quickly after beginning of supplementation (weeks), persisted mildly for a year or so, got worse after stopping (recoil), and is still around at 4 months although lessened greatly by hydration protocol.

See, I’ve experienced the type of anxiety throughout my life that comes from for example: Having a loved one sick and dying for days/weeks/years. Not having enough money to keep your family housed. Being mugged at knife point and shot at. Experienced large earthquakes and aftershocks. Being chased. Being sued for large sums of money, unjustly defamed publicly. Having my child in a perilous situation. Substance abuse withdrawal. Jail. Supernatural occurrences 👻. Public speaking. Having to climb to great heights for work while having a terrible fear of heights, daily. Not closing the big deal/loosing large sums of money. Health anxiety/waiting for test results/health panic attack etc.. the list goes on and on.

THIS (B6T anxiety) is different. It’s better defined in my opinion as terror. As a chemical, unnatural terror. Unfazed by deep breaths or cognitive behavioral therapy. As if someone has you on an IV of adrenaline provoking a fight or flight response that lasts hours/days. That is around even before you wake up, and as soon as you do, it’s there in full force. It’s not like a panic attack that runs it’s course. It’s persistent and seems to be constantly FUELED ⛽️, and the fuel supply doesn’t run out. 

The reason for my post is to get this off my chest and to comfort anyone that can relate in knowing that they’re not alone. 

It’s scary, it’s dark, it’s been the worst thing ever, but at least at 4 months, and thanks to the advise of this group, the anxiety has lessened and the fuel seems to be running out slowly.

Noel B.’s Response to a member with similar issues:

Greetings from the other side. There is an end. It’s so hard dealing with all of your symptoms and you feel so alone. Hold on. Don’t get frustrated if it takes a while, everyone has a different timeline. Be patient, lean on others experiences in this group. It wasn’t until after a year that I turned a corner where an end was in sight. For some it’s sooner, for others it takes longer. Feel free to reach out if you need. Blessings.

Noel B.’s Final Post on Anxiety

For the record. I am 19 months since my last dose of supplements. Throughout this journey, before this week, I’d gotten sick with a bad cold or flu 3 times. Each time, I experienced a resurgence in symptoms. Agitated, fight or flight, nerve pain, extreme lightheadedness pots type symptoms, trembling and the list goes on. I feel like whatever damage was done from B6T acted to sensitize my nervous system. Upon fighting a cold or flu, things would all come back with a vengeance. 

Well, I’m happy to report that this week I’ve come down with something terrible. I know, sounds funny but hear me out. I have a really, really bad cold/flu that has given me a fever, horrible body aches, congestion and shortness of breath. As bad or worse as the other 3 times. BUT, not a single B6T symptom in sight. None at all. I’m on the other side of this cold/flu whatever so I can say assuredly that it’s the case, symptoms did not return. Glory to God.

In terms of anxiety, I’m still on a small dose of medication as my doctor insisted on a long and protracted taper. But, considering I’m constantly reducing my medication and it’s so much less, this cold/flu should have at least made me feel a bit agitated, some anxiety, but no. Nothing. I don’t feel my nervous system is sensitive anymore. 

To all going through it, there’s hope. Again, there is an end.

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