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The Understanding Facebook group has been active for ten years.  As our Protocol healed our members, other FB groups were created.  Since we discouraged alternative medicine discussions, these other groups became a breeding ground for hatred for the Western medicine concepts of the Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group.  Our admins, moderators, and experts were instructed to take the high road.  We asked our group members not to comment on the hatred posts of the other groups.  We did not want their drama in our group.  Our group maintained its safe, drama-free environment for healing.  Many, many, many members told me they left the other groups because of the uncontrolled drama and hatred in them. 

These other B6 toxicity groups became a breeding ground for alternative medicine and misinformation.  These alternative medicine concepts had already been eliminated as either a cause of toxicity by the research and/or as a way to heal by the medical and group experts in the B6 Toxicity Emerging Research Facebook group.  In other words, our medical and group experts already knew that the altmed discussion in the other groups did not cause toxicity or would not heal members. 

We also watched in horror as members of the other groups jumped on the mega-dosing recommendations of the fad vitamin or mineral of the year.  Our stance has always been nutrition from diet unless proven deficiency from a Western medicine blood test.  Research shows that our body cannot handle excess supplementation.  Recent research even suggests excess supplementation can be harmful. 

In the Understanding group, our admins and moderators are healed or almost healed.  The healing suggestions they offer our members are based on their healing journey.  The Understanding group administrative team healed in one to two years by following the Protocol.  The majority of the admins in the other B6 groups are NOT healed.  These admins from the other groups that are not healed don’t have the experience to guide you through healing.   There are two admins in the other groups that are healed.  It took one five years to heal. It took the other six years to heal.  In other words, those admins in other groups are either not healed or took five to six years to heal. 

B6 toxicity is wreaking havoc on your life.  We understand this.  You want the shortest path to health again.  We’ve worked ten years to create that shortened path.  Our Protocol takes one to two years to heal.  Other group’s alternative medicine suggestions may heal you in five to six years.  If you join the other groups, please ask any admin answering your questions if they are healed. 

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