Blood Test

There is no other test to confirm B6 toxicity other than the blood test. Your doctor can order a blood test or you can order it yourself at Walk-In Labs. Walk-In Labs is an online lab that allows you to order most blood work WITHOUT a doctor’s order. You place the order and pay through Walk-In Labs. You go to Quest or LabCorp for the blood draw. The results are back in your Walk-In Lab portal the next day for most test. A B6 blood test takes three to four days.

A Canadian member of ours confirmed that they were able to get a B6 blood test with Canada’s registered Lifelabs for a fee of $85 (as it is not within their regular blood panel and has to be sent out) and a regular GP can give you a requisition for it.

Vitamin B6 Levels do not Correlate with Severity of Neuropathy in Chronic Idiopathic Axonal Polyneuropathy

We have set up an affiliate program with Walk-In Labs. If you order through our link Walk-In Labs contributes to the Research and Education Fund.

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