Current RDA B6T Protocol

The B6T Smart Protocol for Healing

The timeline or the current RDA B6T Protocol is not as clear as the Original Protocol. There is consistency in the order of healing once you’ve stopped all supplements AND start the B6T Smart Protocol. The difference between the Original Protocol and the B6T Smart Protocol is that there is less consistency in the timeframe of each step of healing.


Recoil can start within a few days of removing the excess to as far out as three weeks later.

Honeymoon Phase

This can start within a few weeks after starting B6T Smart Protocol to as long as nine months out.


As early as three months after starting the B6T Smart Protocol to as late as ten to twelve months. The worst part of Rebound is three to four months long.

Flare Stage

Occasion flare with a possible small second rebound. As time progresses each flare is less intense until you are healed. Most members are at 90% healed about 1.5 years after starting the B6T Smart Protocol.

Living Again!

You become symptom free. You can add back in some higher B6 foods. B6 supplementation is not recommended. Past members have become toxic due to re-supplementing.

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