Current RDA B6T Protocol

The B6T Protocol for Healing

The timeline or the current RDA B6T Protocol is not as clear as the Original Protocol. As shown in our Rebound discussion members are experiencing two timelines. The first as in Thomas’ visual aid is the one to two months of Recoil followed by a honeymoon period followed by many months of the roller coaster ride. The second timeline is Lyndon’s description which is the continuous roller coaster ride with no honeymoon period.

The honeymoon period in the visual aid is more like a trip to the state park versus a trip to an exotic island. You feel better. You have hope for healing. You image a better life for yourself soon. You don’t feel healed yet. This euphoria is soon squashed by a setback of more and different symptoms. This new set of symptoms can start within a month of the end of Recoil all the way up to six to eight months later. The first wave of rebound can start as late as six, seven or eight months after you stop the supplement. Mentally, this is the hardest setback for members. The longer between Recoil and Rebound the harder the mental setback.

The timeline that corresponds to Lyndon’s story doesn’t have the honeymoon period. You feel bad for months on in. You slowly start to feel better. As you can tell in his story he was eight months out and felt 75% recovered. He expected more healing within another four months.

On both timelines, it is best to set your expectations to a year to two years for healing. If you set the expectations for this timeframe you will not be disappointed if you don’t heal sooner.

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