Remove Vitamin B6 Supplements and B6 Fortified Products

Stop taking any vitamins, minerals or supplements that have B6 (pyridoxine, P5P) as an ingredient. You will want to check all of your supplements for added pyridoxine, P5P, PLP or pyridoxal-5-phosphate (all terms for different forms of B6). B6 is added to many supplements. Some of the most common supplements with added B6 are melatonin and magnesium.

Remove fortified and enriched foods like breakfast cereals, energy bars and energy drinks. Fortified means the vitamin was added to the food that was not originally in the food. The vitamin will be listed in the nutrients section with the percentage RDA (examples: cereals). Enriched means the vitamin was added back in because some were lost in processing. The word pyridoxine will be listed as an ingredient (an example is the vitamin-enriched peanut butter).

You will also want to check labels carefully. There are many health products that add in B6. Several members have gotten toxic off added B6 in Emergen-C, Power-Ade, Melatonin.

Suggestions of other products that have added B6 from the Facebook group are as follows. This is not a complete list of products that have added B6.

  • Sparkling Ice brand sparkling water.
  • Mio drink drops – some flavors.
  • Zipfizz brand electrolyte powder.
  • Zinc & magnesium supplements.
  • Nutritional yeast.
  • Isopure Whey Colombian coffee flavored protein powder.
  • Isopure Whey espresso flavored protein powder.
  • Belvita Cookies
  • Kelloggs Eggo Belgian Waffles
  • Ensure
  • Kelloggs Pop Tarts
  • Most breakfast cereals and cereal bars.
  • Most oatmeals.
  • Powerade.
  • Liquid IV drink powder.
  • Izze flavored water drinks.
  • Most vitamin waters.
  • Body Armor drink.
  • Propel Water.

Naturally occurring B6 in foods will be discussed in the RDA B6 diet section.

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