Energy Drinks

One of our group members, Kim K., shared her personal experience with energy drinks and B6 toxicity with our group:

“I was addicted to energy drinks for 10 years, progressively drinking more and more. I ignored the symptoms of SFN, thinking it was part of getting old. I was in so much pain, after a year and a half. I got the SFN skin punch biopsies showing positive. Alot of tests were ran and everything looked fine, except I was told my B6 was ” a little high” and to stop any B6 supplements I was taking. They did not say anything to me about B6 toxicity, they said SFN wasn’t painful and I should be fine…. I knew that this was not true. I requested to go to the Neuroscience Institute closet to me. I went and was diagnosed with B6 toxicity, as well as all the fun stuff it is causing. They knew more about it than the local neurologist and even about the energy drinks, and he said it had been causing all my issues. 6 months later, off energy drinks and I am healing. Slowly, but I can definitely see improvement and so can my neuromuscular I see at the institute.”

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