Member Participation in Research

Our group is unique in that we’ve managed to pull together and unravel the workings of B6 toxicity. By providing our personal experiences- whether they were triumphs or fails- we have been able to decode what is necessary for healing from B6 toxicity. This is a feat that even medical professionals have yet to discover. We’ve gathered this knowledge through trial and error so you don’t have to. Our members have volunteered to be part of research on pyridoxine toxicity to ensure that we can prevent this from happening to others.

One of our group members, Ivan Carrasco Moreno, used information gathered in our Facebook Group for his Master’s Dissertation. His dissertation can be viewed here:

Effectiveness of Physical Therapy on the Symptoms of Pyridoxine Toxicity: A Cross-
Sectional Study

The following case study was performed on one of our Facebook Group members and confirmed what we already know- vitamin B6 can be toxic.

Neurotoxic risks from over‐the‐counter vitamin supplements

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