Alternative Medicine

As the concept of B6 toxicity grew, many alternative medicine providers tried to convince their clients that we were not absorbing vitamin B6, metabolizing the vitamin or getting B6 into our red blood cells. 

We are absorbing it. It is in our blood. 

We are metabolizing it. Alternative’s theory is that we aren’t metabolizing vitamin B6 into the active form of the vitamin called P5P. We know we are metabolizing into P5P because most of the major labs test for P5P in our blood. In other words, we are measuring and have toxic levels of what alternative medicine says we don’t have. 

Finally, we are getting it into our cells. Vitamin B6 is stored as six different types of B6 in our body. The alternative medicine B6 red blood cell test is measuring for a type of B6 that is not stored in extensive amounts in our red blood cells. 

Alternative medicine tries to convince their members that their B6 toxicity is actually a B6 deficiency. This is not correct. B6 toxicity is toxicity. Trust only western medicine blood test to show your vitamin B6 level.

Absorption & Metabolization

Beth was featured on the podcast, Super Human Radio, to speak about the neuro-degenerative effects of B6 toxicity. (Beth comes in at about 36 minutes in.) Listen to the podcast here:

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