Remove Excess B6 from Blood

Removing the excess B6 from the blood is the easiest part of healing. It is the only part of healing that can be measured. Curing the dehydration as recommended in the B6T Protocol removes the excess B6 from the blood within two to four weeks. During the second year of the B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group, the water requirement was reduced to two to three liters per day. We saw within a few months that members were not lowering their B6 blood work. We immediately increased the water requirement back up to the three to four liters. The hydration with the rest of the B6T Protocol is very important in getting the B6 bloodwork down. Removing the supplement without curing the dehydration will keep your B6 bloodwork numbers elevated.

Once you cure the dehydration with the water, sugar, salt and potassium recommended in the B6T Protocol, your body stops conserving water. Excess incoming B6 can now be urinated out. You are not flushing out your B6 (or other water-soluble vitamins) with the extra water. This is an uneducated myth. B6 metabolism is much more complicated than this.

Vitamin B6 is stored in the body in six different forms as well as the urinary by-product. We know from Furth-Walker, et al, 1990 research that B6 in the brain and liver tissue is not equal to the B6 value in the blood. His words in his abstract state, “For any one dietary level correlations between plasma or erythrocyte pyridoxal phosphate (P5P) and tissue pyridoxal phosphate (P5P) and pyridoxamine phosphate (PMP) concentrations were low and nonsignificant.” He then states that plasma P5P levels do not reliably predict tissue concentrations of P5P or PMP. Stated clearly what this says is the B6 value of your blood work does not equal the amount of B6 in your tissues. Those few doctors that understand B6 toxicity, assume that lower blood levels mean the patient is no longer toxic. Based on Furth-Walker’s research we know that blood levels do not predict what has been stored in our nervous system. IT IS THE B6 THAT IS STORED IN OUR NERVES THAT IS CAUSING THE DAMAGE. We have to remove this B6 before we start healing.

IT IS THE B6 THAT IS STORED IN THE NERVES THAT IS CAUSING THE DAMAGE. I’m stating this sentence again. If this B6 cannot be measured then how many people with Small Fiber Polyneuropathy have B6 stored in their nerve cells creating damage but have normal B6 blood values? How many people that have been labeled with idiopathic small fiber neuropathy can heal?

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