Remove B6 from Nerve Tissue

We know from Coburn’s 2015 summary of the research that the type of B6 stored in tissues other than muscles tissue is pyridoxal phosphate (P5P) and pyridoxamine phosphate (PMP). We also know that the amount of PMP is equal or EXCEEDS P5P. Coburn points out that the majority of studies for B6 stored in the body are focused on P5P. This means that there is little research on the type of B6 that is stored more extensively throughout our nerve tissue.

What we do know with the bottom-up research done from the B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group is that the excess that has been stored in nerve cells needs to come out. We know from Coburn’s 2015 study that the only way B6 leaves the nerve tissues is through deprivation. We start removing the excess B6 from the nerve tissues with the RDA B6 diet. It is imperative that we do this SLOWLY. If it is done too fast then you are waking up too many nerves at once. When they wake up, they wake up damaged. Damaged nerves are PAINFUL. We call the awaking of these damaged, painful nerves Rebound.

Again back to the bottom-up research that was done in the B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group, we recognized the pattern that pulling too much B6 out of the nerve tissues too fast made for a much harder Rebound. At the beginning of the B6T Smart Understanding B6 Toxicity Facebook group, we did recommend a low B6 diet. There was never a value placed on low. The pattern that emerged during the low B6 diet year is that Rebound started in month two to three. The pain level, however, was with this lower B6 diet was more intense. Members reported pain levels of eight to nine on a scale of one to ten. During this time, a few members went zero or close to a zero B6 diet. A ZERO B6 DIET HAS NEVER BEEN RECOMMENDED. The few members that did this ended up waking up every nerve at once. They had pain levels of twelve to thirteen on a scale of one to ten. They got to Rebound much faster, but the pain levels were too intense.

Once we moved the diet to a RDA B6 diet then Rebound pain levels decreased. The new pattern that emerged is that Rebound stated from month three all the way up to month nine. It was more manageable pain levels with that pain and symptoms moving from different parts of the body. The worst of Rebound last about three to four months with flares that decrease in intensity over the next year.

The B6T Protocol for Healing will expand more on this topic.

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