Explaining an Unseen Illness

Explaining B6 Toxicity to others can be difficult.

Why is it so difficult to people to understand how sick and toxic and how long we can became sick from the b6?

I’m sick of talking to people about my toxicity, they suggest it must be something else like psychologic, overtraining or even lack of b6 (this makes me mad) because I’m avoiding getting more than RDA.

It’s always difficult for anyone that has a hidden or unseen illness for others to understand. That don’t see the sickness on the outside so they can’t fully accept we are sick. And society and the medical community has been somewhat brainwashed to believe all vitamins are water soluble and we just flush out any excess our bodies don’t need, so B6 can’t be toxic.

I kept it to myself for a long time and finally resorted to only talking to my close inner circle of friends about it, as it affects them more when I have flares and need to cancel rehearsals, outings, etc. They seem to understand as they personally see the effects. But everyone else I just say “I have this nervous system thing I’m healing from, it will get better, just takes some time”. And that’s easier for them. My close circle I’ve explained the symptoms, cause and the Protocol and how I’ll get better in time but I’ll have bad days and good days and just bear with me.

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