RDA B6 Diet

The RDA B6 diet is exactly what it describes. We use a nutrition tracking website or app to maintain a diet that does not go over RDA. We also don’t eat more than 30% of RDA at any given meal. There are too many varied ways of eating to have one specific meal plan. The RDA B6 diet then is your current way of eating adjusted to lower B6 intake to maintain RDA. In this section, we help you to help yourself with creating your diet.

RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance. The National Institutes of Health has RDA for most people age 19 and above at 1.3 mg. Men over 50 have a RDA of 1.7 mg. Women over 50 have a RDA of 1.5 mg. Below is a chart for B6 RDAs from the National Institutes of Health vitamin B6 factsheet.


We’ve already mentioned that a standard American diet contains 1.9 mg of B6. This doesn’t take into consideration the superfoods we have added into our diets, the heavy protein diets or the super clean diets that have higher vitamin B6 intakes. There is nothing wrong with any of these diets, you just have to rethink them.

The highest B6 foods are beef, chicken, turkey, pork, oily fish (salmon, tuna), potatoes, corn, brown rice, avocados, bananas and sunflower seeds. It is best to remove or severely limit all these HIGH B6 foods.

The lowest B6 meats and proteins are goat, lamb, some white fish, shrimp, clams, lobster, crab leg, eggs and cheese. Processed meats like hot dogs, sausage, bacon, packaged sandwich meats will also be lower B6. Canned salmon is also a good choice for a lower B6 meat. You do not have to eat processed foods. These are listed for those who already eat processed. The protein powders that work best for us are pea protein, whey protein egg white protein. You don’t have to add protein powders. These are listed for those who use protein powders. Please check for added B6 or other unnecessary ingredients in any protein powders.

The lower B6 carbohydrates are rice noodles and white flour products (like white bread). The rice noodles are awesome in Italian dishes as well as Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. The white flour is made of wheat, but the B6 has been processed out and not added back in. Examples of white flour items are bread, pizza, crackers, pancakes, English muffins, bagels, cake, cookies. You will want to be careful with pasta. If the ingredients contain durum or semolina flour then it might be higher B6.

You want to enjoy salty snacks. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, pretzels and crackers are all good choices for salty snacks.

The best website we use for nutrient tracking is Cronometer. The free version tracks vitamins and minerals, plus many more nifty-needed items. You don’t need to pay for Cronometer. Please visit the linked page for more detailed info about this awesome nutrient tracker.

It is common to lose weight while toxic on vitamin B6. We’ve had many members in the group ask what foods are good to help put on weight. If you eat processed, then add in white flour products as mentioned above. If you don’t eat processed then the suggestions are egg white protein powder, pea protein powder, butter, coconut oil, full-fat coconut milk, almonds, almond butter, cheese.

Although a 24 hour fast is not necessary, this question comes up often. A 24 hour fast once a week is fine. It is recommended that you fast from dinner to dinner. You still need to drink your salted water, coconut water and the Pedialyte. Since you’re not getting salt from food it is also recommended that you add another 1/8 teaspoon salt to the water. The total daily amount of salt while fasting is about 1/2 teaspoon.

B6T RDA B6 Diet Do’s

  • Do stay at RDA B6 or slightly below it.
  • Do keep your meals at around 30% RDA.
  • Do count your coconut water in Cronometer.
  • Do watch values of other nutrients especially, potassium, B12, B1 and iron.
  • Do consider purchasing the B6T Smart Supplement. This supplement is only 25% RDA of most vitamins and minerals was designed specifically for the group. It has no vitamin B6. It also does not contain magnesium which is a strong vasodilator. This vitamin is a small boost of vitamins and minerals when your diet isn’t enough. The vitamin was designed for the FB group. It gives the boost that most members wanted without the extreme excess of other supplements. #RethinkExcess.

B6T RDA B6 Diet Don’ts

  • RDA B6 is for a reason. If you go lower, it can throw you into a horrible Rebound.
  • Do not starve yourself. If you starve yourself, it will throw you into a horrible Rebound.
  • Do not fast for more than one day.

Low B6 Foods

Many of you are overwhelmed with the idea of eating a lower B6 food diet. Many in the group have expressed that they don’t know where to begin. We hear daily how the thought of creating a different way of eating is overwhelming. There are three ways to create your new way of living.

  1. Use only Cronometer. Cronometer is a nutrition app/webpage that allows you to enter in your food choices. The B6 value will be determined for you. Remember to only use the NCCDB database (explained in the link). Enter in the foods you eat then determine your portion sizes based on the amount of B6. This takes the most time and energy.
  2. Use Cronometer and the partial free spreadsheet in the group. The partial free spreadsheet was created by a member. The downside is that this member was an over 50 male. His RDA is higher than most people in the group. His percentages are off. Search the Facebook group with the term spreadsheet to find this free food list.
  3. Purchase the $19.95 Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide is the best $19.95 you will ever spend on your health. It is a summary of the most important pages of the website. Your brain-fogged mind will appreicate this. On top of the summary, it has nine pages of foods that are lower in B6. Below is a partial section of the Vegetable page. Although this example is for those who eat clean, there are other food sections for those who eat processed. This is a guide for most types of eaters. You will still use Cronometer to track your daily nutrients.

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