Rethink Excess Supplementation

Vitamin B6 is a neurotoxin but was once hailed as a wonder vitamin.

A very well-known and extensively researched vitamin has created such havoc on your life. It has been known that it is toxic in smaller amounts since the 1980s. Yet, no one followed up on Dalton and Dalton’s research to continue toxicity in smaller amounts. WHY? Because in the ’80s and ’90s, B6 became the wonder vitamin of the decade. The research money was given to prove its effectiveness.

Dalton and Dalton were ridiculed by the scientific community. Their research was questioned. IT IS STILL BEING QUESTIONED (BY THE FDA) EVEN THOUGH IT WAS AND HAS BEEN THE ONLY LARGE B6 TOXICITY RESEARCH PROJECT ON HUMANS.

There was no evil conspiracy. This wasn’t the pharmaceutical companies trying to profit. This was individual scientists that made decisions with their careers to pursue B6 the wonder drug vs B6 the neurotoxin.

You now know the void in vitamin B6 toxicity research. How many other supplements have the same void? Do you know how any of these supplements that you are taking interact with other vitamins? Do you know what they do to hydration? Do you know if they are vasodilators? Do you know the long-term consequences of taking these supplements?

If you don’t know these answers, then ask yourself why you are taking them. Are you taking them because the supplement industry has convinced you they are good for your health? Are they? 

This group asks you to think before you put a supplement in your mouth.

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