Healed Members

Name How long were you taking B6? How much B6 did you take? Date Stopped B6 Supplements Date Started Protocol Date Reported Healed Have you lowered to RDA B6? Are you drinking 3 to 4 liters of water? What % have you recovered? Other Comments
Christine Boyce 2 years 100 mg 11/6/2015 Low B6 diet. Yes, notice a difference if I don’t stay hydrated. 70%
Melissa Graham 9 Years 300% to 1000% RDA (Propel drink packs & food) Yes Yes 65% Feel better when I exercise w/weight machines
Madhu McNiel 8 Years 50 mg daily Dec 2015, Original Member Dec 2015, Original Member 10/7/20 Regular diet with B6 thru food only, Im in the normal range for B6 Yes, I drink around 3-4 liters daily; no longer add salt though I did during healing 100% Madhu’s advice on exercise: Be patient with yourself and don’t push yourself until you feel up for it. At my worst, I could only walk for 10 mins and that was all the exercise I could handle for a day. Then I’d have to take a 2-3 day break before I could walk another 10 mins, it was rough. I was tired so even 10 mins every few days was hard. But gradually I could go further and longer, and then I started incorporating some stretching, yoga, light weight training. Now I do pretty much everything…I‘ll do kickboxing, more intense weight training, hiking, dancing and pretty much any exercise I want with no ill effects. Rebound for me was the most intense in the first 2-3 months. I had random pains after that, but it was manageable. But during rebound, I even had new symptoms pop up that I had never experienced prior…I think it’s just all part of the healing process as our bodies have to process the accumulation of excess B6, even after we completely stop the supplements.
Jo Alterio 3-4 months 150 mg Stopped Yes Yes 5% (new member)
Bryan Arana 20-23 days 400 mg 3/28/06 In first month. Trying. Yes Felt 60% at first then 0% in rebound
Xenia Madison 1st time 2 months. 2nd time 3-4 months. 10 mg of P5P and High B6 diet. Yes Yes. Two to three liters. 85%

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