This ad is not designed to cause alarm or fear. 
It is designed to get your attention.

We are creating awareness that vitamin B6 can be toxic in amounts over RDA.


Please understand that we know B6 is a needed and necessary vitamin.  It is the excess B6 in supplements (including P5P) that can create Small Fiber Polyneuropathy, Small Fiber Neuropathy, or Peripheral Neuropathy. 

The European Union and Australia are light years ahead of the United States in educating their citizens.

The European Union has an Upper Tolerable Limit of 12mg.

This 100-plus page review of the research was instrumental in the 12mg figure.

Please jump to page 24 for section entitled, “Evidence from human studies relating vitamin B6 intake to neuropathy”.  As you read through this section, it becomes evident that vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage in humans on smaller doses then previously thought. 


Included in this research is data from a Dutch nutrivigilance system that reported adverse effects on a supplemented dose of 1.4mg.


These two government agencies have identified that excess B6 can create neuropathy for humans.

Understanding B6 Toxicity

The Understanding B6 Toxicity website’s questionnaire concurs with these findings.  This questionnaire asks participants the amount of B6 that got them toxic.  As you can tell by the results below B6 toxicity is possible on small amounts of supplementation.

The upper tolerable limit for B6 in the United States is 100mg per day for adults which is 5,882% RDA.

What's Next?

If you are ready to learn more, our website is the answer.  We’ve combined Western Research with our Facebook group’s experiences to identify the causes of B6 toxicity with lesser amounts of the vitamin.  The Facebook group also created a FREE Protocol to help you heal. 


After you've read the website, join the Facebook group for support. Our healed members will answer detailed questions. 

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