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Below are published case studies of vitamin B6 toxicity. As we discover more, this page will be updated.

Bacharach, Lowden, Ahmed – Pyridoxine Toxicity Small Fiber Neuropathy with Dysautonomia: A Case Report

Blackburn Warren – A case of Peripheral Neuropathy Due to Pyridoxine Toxicity in Association with NOS Energy Drink Consumption

Chronic Demyelinating Polyneuropathy and B6 Hypervitaminosis

Clark – Adverse Response to Vitamin B6 In A 43 Year Old Woman

Cupa, N., Schulte, D., Ahrens, M. et al. Vitamin B6 Intoxication After Inappropriate Supplementation with Micronutrients Following Bariatric Surgery. 

Jwa, Ko, Park, Kang – Sensory Polyneuropathy Associated with Pyridoxine Overdose

Kaur, D., Velazquez-Rodriguez, Y., & Ahmed, A. When Expected Turns Unexpected: A Case Of Subacute Progressive Weakness And Paresthesias Of The Distal Lower Extremities Following A Brief Diarrheal Episode. (P6.111)

Kulkantrakorn – Pyridoxine-Induced Sensory Ataxic Neuronopathy and Neuropathy: Revisited

Morra, Phillipszoon, D’Andrea, Cananzi, L’Erario, Milone – Sensory and Motor Neuropathy Caused by Excessive Ingestion of Vitamin B6: A Case Report

Moudgal, Hosseini, Colapietro, Awosika – Vitamin B6 Toxicity Revisited: A Case of Reversible Pyridoxine-Associated Neuropathy and Disequilibrium

Parry, Bredesen – Sensory Neuropathy with Low-Dose Pyridoxine

Silva, D’Cruz – Pyridoxine Toxicity Courtesy of Your Local Food Store

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) Toxicity and OTC Supplements (5222)

Vitamin B6 Toxicity Revisited: A Case of Reversible Pyridoxine-associated Neuropathy and Disequilibrium. (P4.021)

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